Stop Allergies

How Do Insects and Common Household Pests Cause Allergies?

Many people think of warm weather when they think of insect allergies. Warm weather does signal the arrival of some unwanted visitors like stinging and biting insects, wishing this were the case, it is not. 


Two bugs in Michigan that do not sting or bite and live all year round are called Cockroaches and Dust Mites. Neither one of these common household pest bites or stings. However, they do cause, in some cases, an allergic reaction. More importantly, Cockroaches and Dust Mites both trigger year-round allergies and lead to asthma in many people.

What Kinds of Insects Cause Allergic Reactions?

Many different kinds of insects or "insect-like bugs" can cause an allergic reaction: Some are very well known, and others not so much.

When putting insects into different sections, one can better understand each insect by its properties and effects.


Breaking Insects into two Sections: First, Stinging and Biting Insects. And the Second Non-Biting or Non-Stinging Insects

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