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Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I pay my bill?”

This is a Great Question! 

Four Seasons Exterminating offers multiple payment plan options and ways for you to pay. Payment Options Include Monthly, Annual, and Quarterly. Do You Want a discount? You will get 8% off your total bill if you want to pay annually, but this payment must be made before the season begins and is only valid through the end of April.

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Current customers can pay with a check, cash, credit, or debit card!


Payments can be made by calling our office at (989) 352-7777, or you can pay at the time of your service. Additionally, you can send in a check by mail.

Is There a Discount of Any Kind?

If you sign up for auto-pay with a credit card, you can save $5 per month on your treatment plan or every time your payment is due.

- OR - 

If you pay by check or in full, you get 8% Off Your Bill Due by April.

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