1x Pest Control Service Call  | Treatment 

We Offer Many Types of Pest Control Treatment Plans and Options.  However, sometimes there is a need for a One-Time Pest Control Service Treatment!

The Pest Management Group offers a one-time service for general pests! We have many
customers that do not need ongoing assistance. If you feel you have caught pest activity
initially, we can most likely eradicate the problem with just one

This “One Time Service," includes our "Customer Guarantee." Extending you the peace of mind that you will be pest-free for 60-days.   


If you are still experiencing the same pest issue anytime within your 60 days of initial
service, we will be happy to come back and do additional retreatment at no charge!


Perhaps pest return after your initial 60-day service treatment? Understanding that will offer a discounted rate for any issues you may have for the remainder of the year.

If the problem has been going on for months or years before us coming out to your
location, it is safe to say the pest has most likely built a nest or colony that may require
more than a single treatment, depending on activity level. This is determined on a
case-by-case basis. If this is the situation for you, we can discuss your option in detail.


Pests included in this option are Ants (not Carpenter Ants), Spiders, Centipedes,
Millipedes, Earwigs, Silverfish, Sow Bugs / Pill Bugs, Wasp, Hornets, Yellow Jackets,
and Mice.

Please call our office to receive a quote for all other pests not covered above.
Yellow Jackets, Hornets, and Wasps are included up to 20 feet high at this price.
Anything higher requires different equipment. Therefore, it has an additional cost
provided at a reduced rate.