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Pest Control Treatment Services 

Four Seasons Exterminating offers Affordable, Reliable, Safe, and Effective Pest Control Solutions and Maintenance Treatment Plans that are Guaranteed. Below are some of the pest control treatment plans Four Seasons Exterminating offers on a one-time or re-occurring no-obligation agreement.​


If you prefer to communicate via email, select the option below to email our highly-trained service tech for direct communication.

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We Serve Our Customers
by Offering Guaranteed Satisfaction!

After the assessment of your home, we will determine your pest control needs and unique situation. We will then review the options and different plans that will work best for you and your home.


Two factors determine the actions to eliminate, control, and prevent pests:


  1. What are you (the property owner) comfortable with?

  2. How aggressive do you, or do you not want to be? (Any particular health concerns?)


Four Seasons Exterminating and Mid Michigan Pest Control believe using pesticides inside your home should be kept to a minimum. For your family’s health and safety is our priority. We enable you to make decisions based on the facts we provide from our inspection and align with your requirements.

Don't DIY Your Pests!​

Instead, Get Our Pest-Free Guarantee!

So you went to the store and bought liquid ant bait for $7.99, found some ant raid traps for $6.99, both coming as a four-pack, so you need two of each, and you also purchased some Ant Raid Spray that looked promising. The bottle reads, "Kills on Contact," valued at $14.99.


Make your total DIY anti-pest investment for only ants at $44.95 + Tax $2.69, totaling $47.64 invested. This is the cost you spent on products to treat your ant issue. Not to mention your time spent, gas, and effort to apply and install.  


Now you're waiting to see if those ants go away. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.


Well, we're afraid you're in for some bad news. The Pest Management Group had 42 years of combined experience working in the industry. We can tell you that your pest problems will not get better without professional help, and your DIY investment is money wasted. 


Certainly, the ant bait may make ants temporarily disappear, but this is very short-lived. The same is true with other insect and rodent sprays, traps, foggers, etc. 


Unless you locate and correct the origin of a pest infestation, your pest dilemma will remain, and you may have suppressed it, but it will only continue to grow.


The methods mentioned above are not indicated to address the main problem: the actual pest infestation; instead, they only prevent the symptoms. So with that in mind, if you're asking yourself, "Do I need a Professional?" Or "When should I hire a pest control company or call the exterminator?" that answer is now!


Do yourself a favor, save yourself the nearly $50.00 investment at a time that will not work, and call Four Seasons Exterminating for a Guaranteed Pest Control Services Solution!

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